Torah Forever......Torah Forever......Torah Forever......Torah Forever......Torah Forever......


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Adam the first human creation
alos hashachar day break-when thr rays of light are seen in the corners on the horizon
amah or amos cubit--18 to 24inches
amud the place where the cantor stands--sometimes referring to the cantor himself
anos forced-not on your own free will
bideeved if done already
bracha or brachos a blessing or blessings
baruch sheamar the blessing before pisukei dzimra
bar mitzvah a thirteen year old male who is then obligated in mitzvohs
bikurim the mitzvah of brining the first fruits to the bais hamikdash as a korban
challah a part of a large dough is given to a cohen
chazan cantor for a group
cohein gadol the highest priest
cubit amah
custom commonly done practice
damai the rabbis saw that some amai haretz were not taking off maaser,maaser sheni and trumas maaser so they said if you take from them you must take off the tithes
David King of Yisrael-first in his lineage
dibros commandments (as in the Ten Commandments)
eved canaani a non-jewish slave
grains the five species--wheat,barely,oats,rye,spelt
hamelech the king
hefker not belonging to anyone
hours jewish hours are calculated by taking the differance betwen the sunrise and sunset and dividing by twelve or or the night from sunset to  dawn divided by twelve
kaddish a prayer only in public for returning the glory of the lord
kav 1/6 of a saah (approximately 2 liters)
kesubah a marriage contract
kiddush the blessing Friday evening said on wine in honor of the Sabbath
kinyan agav or agav a way to possess   objects: claiming objects by taking ownership of a piece of land
leket fruit that falls in the field that most go the poor
meduma when a tithe falls into regular pile,it has it's own laws when it can be eaten
mincha a flour offering in the bais hamikdash or the afternoon prayers
miakeiv must absolutely be done
maariv the evening services
maaser there are three types of maaser (tithe) taken from fruit

1-maaser rishone- 1/10 given to a levi

2-maaser sheini-1/10 brought to be eaten in Jerusalem

3-maaser  ani- 1/10 that goes to a poor person

michuyav obligated
midrash or medrash explanations on biblical text usually aggadic by tanaim and later
mida or midos singular or plural of human characteristics
mishna codes of law said by Tanaim and written   by Rebbe
netz sunrise
patur not obligated
peah the mitzvah to leave an end of a field for the poor
pesukei dzimra sentences of song--said before the blessings of shema
posuk or pesukim a sentence or sentences
pruzbal a contract that lets you collect money after the seventh year
saah 6 kavs
schichiv mara one who is dying from a sickness
sefer torah scroll of the five books of Moshe
shaliach tzibbur a messenger of a group usually to pray
shemone esrei the prayer of eighteen benedictions said three times aday
shikcha fruits that were forgotten in the field that most go to the poor
shema commonly referred as the two parshios said in the prayers starting from shema
talmud chacham a man knowledgeable in Torah works
talis prayer shawl
Tanaim the scholars of the second temple
Tamai a religious impurity
tevah the way nature works
tithes look at trumah and maaser
trumah 1/50 of a field given to the cohein and then trumah maaser 1/10 given by the levi to the cohein
tzibbur a group of people usually at least ten
Yishtabach the bracha at the end of pesukie dzimra
yotze accomplished the mitzvah that you had to do
zimun a group of at least three men who ate a meal together