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Anshei Bnei Torah is a non-profit organization originating in Monsey, NY.
The primary goal of Anshei Bnei Torah is Harbatzas Torah.

Tax deductible donations are appreciated to help support this endeavor. Dedications are available for various features.
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New Features!

Anshei Bnei Torah has recently added several amazing new features.
  • Shas Challenge

    The Shas Challenge is a wonderful way to review and test knowledge retention as the cycle of Daf Yomi progresses. Each daf can be played separately, or select as many dafs as desired to review all at the same time. New questions are added regularly. It can be played online, or it can be downloaded to your iPhone through our apps page.
  • Parsha Desserts

    Parsha Desserts provide a beautiful way to incorporate the parsha into your Shabbos meal. Every week new desserts are added, with pictures, recipes and an explanation of how the dessert connects with the parsha.
  • Apps

    The final new feature is the apps page. There, links are provided to different Anshei Bnei Torah apps. New apps are currently under construction. Any suggestions welcome.

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