Anshei Bnei Torah is a non-profit organization originating in Monsey, NY. The primary goal of Anshei Bnei Torah is Harbatzas Torah.

Take the Shas Challenge to review your grasp of Shas! Various Torah related subjects are also available, including the Melachos, Megillos, Jewish Stories, and more.

Get your daily learning texts here! The Daf Yomi, Mishnayos Yomi and Halacha Yomis are all available. Daf Yomi also has a Shiur for the current cycle, which is uploaded with each Daf.

Every Parsha has a delicious dessert featured that connects to the text of the Parshas Hashavua. Make the Parsha the centerpiece of your Shabbos seuda!

Tax deductible donations are appreciated to help support this endeavor. Dedications are available for various features. Please send us an e-mail at

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